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Cpl Jooman joins National Tri-Service Cadet Shooting Team!

We're proud to announce that Cpl Jameel Joomun of 1159 Squadron has been selected for the 2021 Under 17s Training squad of the UK Cadet Rifle Team!

As one of twenty cadets selected from across all cadet forces (Army, RAF, Sea and Combined), he will be training for the international Jersey Rifle Association Championships in August 2021.

Cpl Joomun was selected after an excellent performance at the 2019 Inter-Service Cadet Rifle Meeting (ISCRM) [Pictured below], a national tri-service cadet shooting competition, where he won himself a Cadet 100 Badge - a feat that means means he was in the top 100 scorers at that national level competition!

While he still has a lot of hard work ahead to earn his place in the final competition squad, we are especially proud of his achievement given that he is the only Air Training Corps cadet selected! This is also thanks to his dedicated training and the support of his Squadron Shooting Officer FS E Yucelt.

Note: All images were taken pre-Covid19


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