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Wing Field Day - Wing Photographic and Media Competition!


Still Image

Aircraft: Subject(s) are of any aircraft, military and non-military.   

                Filename: [RANK] [Entrant Full name]_[Squadron Number]_Aircraft_[Image Number] 

RAFAC People: Subject(s) are of cadets and/or staff. These can be posed portraits in uniform fitting ACP 1358C, or of activities and events within the RAF or RAFAC (including those on parade nights). 

                             Filename: [RANK] [Entrant Full name]_[Squadron Number]_People_[Image Number] 

Landscapes: An open brief which can be of (but is not limited to) images taken on various camps or Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. 

                        Filename: [RANK] [Entrant Full name]_[Squadron Number]_Landscape_[Image Number] 


RAFAC Art: Images can be any medium of art – Digital Art, paint, pencil etc. Must be inspired by the Air Cadets.

                     Filename: [RANK] [Entrant Full name]_[Squadron Number]_Art_[Image Number] 

                     e.g. SGT Peter Parker_007_Art_01 


Moving Image (Video) - Video must feature either RAFAC Cadets/Staff, or aircraft.

                                            Filename: [RANK] [Entrant Full name]_[Squadron Number]_Video_[Image Number] 


If you are staff (CFAV), you must add STAFF at the beginning of the file name.



Entries must conform with ACP 50, the Code of Conduct, and be named by the correct format. All other rules must be followed and can be found in the competition document emailed to all Sqns. You must read before submitting.

By uploading you are confirming you have permission to use the name and/or image of the persons involved.


By submitting media to via this link, you are confirming that you have permission to share the content, including all persons within it have given their consent for their image and/or name to be used by the RAFAC. 

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