Just because we are stuck inside, doesn’t mean the air cadets stop doing what we do best – challenge ourselves to do more, and be more!

If you are stuck wondering what to do, why not try out some of the activities and competitions below? We will publicise the best entries submitted to social media, and on our website! 


Challenge A: Self Portrait in Uniform.

Use any medium – photography, drawing, painting, writing, short film – whatever inspires you!


Challenge B: Throwback Thursday

Write about your favourite memory being a cadet. Cadet and Staff entries welcome! Maximum 300 words. Can include images within the document.

Challenge C: General Submission

If you have some photos/videos and just want to share them for us to use in our social media.

*NEW!* Challenge D: Battle of Britain Masks

Battle of Britain is coming up in September and one of the ways you can get involved is by making/designing your own mask! See this Link for more info.


Entries must conform with ACP 50, the Code of Conduct, and be named by the following format to be considered:

[Challenge Letter]_[Rank]_[Initial]_[Surname]_[SquadronNumber] > E.g.: A_Cpl_W_Wilson_101


If you do not want to be named on social media, you may leave your name as [Anon], or just include your rank and sqn.

By uploading you are confirming you have permission to use the name and/or image of the persons involved.

By submitting media to via this link, you are confirming that you have permission to share the content, including all persons within it have given their consent for their image and/or name to be used by the RAFAC.